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Equal Pay Day: gender pay gap at 21%

2017-03-15 08:15:34

On the occasion of the Equal Pay Day on 18 March, special attention is drawn to the principle of equal pay for women and men. In 2016, the average gross hourly earnings of women (16.26 euros) were roughly 21% lower than those of men (20.71 euros).

Nearly three quarters of this unadjusted gender pay gap were attributable to structural differences. The main reasons were differences in the branches of activity and the occupations of women and men as well as unevenly distributed leadership and qualification-related job requirements. In addition, more women than men work part-time or are marginally employed.

The adjusted gender pay gap, as it is called, does not include that part of the pay gap which can be attributed to structural differences. In 2014, the nationwide adjusted gender pay gap was 6% (unadjusted pay gap in 2014: 22%). This means that the hourly earnings of women with a similar qualification and activity were 6% lower than those of men.

For more detailed information on the gender pay gap please refer to the pages on Earnings and earnings differences.

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