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New Year’s Eve: night of the most alcohol-related accidents in 2015

2016-12-29 09:17:09

Economic Sectors - Transport - New Years Eve: night of the most alcohol-related accidents in 2015 - Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

Every year millions of people in Germany celebrate the turn of the year and joyfully welcome the new year. From the aspect of road traffic accidents statistics, however, the start into the new year generally gives little cause for joy. That time of the year is always overshadowed by many traffic accidents caused by too much alcohol consumption.

On the first day of 2015, the police recorded 264 accidents where at least one person involved was under the influence of alcohol. This means that more alcohol-related accidents occurred on 1 January 2015 than on any other day of the year. Apart from New Years Day, many alcohol-related accidents happen also on Ascension Day (Fathers Day, 254 accidents) and 1 May (230 accidents). Approximately 34,500 accidents occurred under the influence of alcohol in 2014, that is an average of 94 accidents per day.

For detailed information the "Traffic accidents calendar" offers you data on accidents involving personal injury, alcohol-related accidents and motorcycle accidents.

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