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Germany assumes 2017 G20 Presidency - with a first meeting of G20 Digital Ministers

2016-12-01 13:30:47

Germany is taking over the G20 Presidency from China today. The G20 Summit will take place in Hamburg on 7-8 July 2017. The focus will be on initiatives to shape globalisation. The Economic Affairs Ministry will be setting the course in the G20 process for more inclusive growth which, through greater social participation, strengthens social cohesion. Public investment in education and infrastructure, and a better environment for private-sector investment, are key factors. At the same time, we need to ensure that growing incomes and opportunities on the labour market are shared more fairly around the world. The Economic Affairs Ministry will also be promoting the recognition of labour, social and environmental standards in global supply chains.

The Economic Affairs Ministry will be the host of the first G20 Digital Ministers Meeting in Düsseldorf on 6-7 April 2017. Federal Minister Gabriel said: "Digitisation is the key driving force for economic growth and is bringing the world even closer together through integrated value chains, Industrie 4.0 and digital trade, as well as social networks and platforms. For this reason, I will be inviting the G20 Ministers for the Digital Economy to a first meeting and will propose ambitious goals to our G20 partners: transparency, legal certainty and a fair framework for competition in the internet, data sovereignty and harmonisation of standards for Industrie 4.0, and not least the promotion of digital education. We all need to work together on achieving these goals, and the G20 is an outstanding format for this."

During the German G20 Presidency, the Economic Affairs Ministry will also continue with work on trade and investment and on energy in G20 working groups:

Not least with a view to the ambitious implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, the issues of energy and climate are to be more closely integrated under the German G20 Presidency. The aim in the field of energy will be to discuss the common position of the G20 on the need for a long-term transformation of the energy sector and on renewable energy and energy efficiency, and by reducing subsidies for fossil fuels to create a suitable investment environment for the long-term decarbonisation of the energy sector.

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