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G20 Presidency: Germany is fourth largest trading nation among G20 countries

2016-12-01 20:15:02

On 1 December 2016, Germany officially takes over the G20 Presidency from China. The German Presidency will focus, among other things, on global challenges such as the implementation of the Agenda 2030 of the UN of the UN or how to deal with displacement and migration. Traditional G20 themes such as the global economy or global trade will also be treated.

A glance at worldwide foreign trade shows that Germany was the fourth largest trading nation among G20 countries in 2015. According to data of the UN and the World Trade Organization WTO, German exports and imports of goods amounted to roughly 2.4 trillion US dollars. The largest importing country for German goods was the United States (exports: 127 billion US dollars). The most important supplier country was China (imports: 103 billion US dollars).

The largest trading nation overall among G20 countries was China. In 2015, the value of exports and imports was just under 4 trillion US dollars. It was followed by the EU, which as an association of states is a G20 member (3.9 trillion US dollars, excluding intra-EU trade between Member States) and the United States (3.8 trillion US dollars).

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