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Development of new manufacturing orders in June 2016

2016-08-05 08:30:34

According to the Federal Statistical Office [1], new manufacturing orders fell between May and June by 0.4% in price, calendar and seasonally adjusted terms. [2] In June, the volume of large orders was below average. Orders for capital goods were only slightly down (-0.2%) compared with the preceding month. The drop in orders for intermediate goods (-0.7%) and for consumer goods (-0.7%) was somewhat more pronounced. In June, orders from the eurozone countries declined by 8.5%. This drop was partly offset by higher levels of new orders from within Germany ( 0.7%) and from the non-eurozone ( 3.8%).

In the second quarter, new manufacturing orders were 0.5% below the level seen in the first quarter. The quarterly comparison, however, shows a considerable increase in new orders for the producers of intermediate goods ( 1.5%). In contrast, new orders for the producers of capital goods (-1.4%) and consumer goods (-2.4%) fell. Domestic orders altogether grew by 0.9%, while orders from abroad were 1.5% lower than in the preceding quarter. This was due to a decline in orders from the non-eurozone (-3.7%). In contrast, new orders from the eurozone grew by 2.2%.

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