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Business insolvencies down 8.9% in April 2016

2016-07-08 11:15:58

Press releases - Business insolvencies down 8.9% in April 2016 - Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

WIESBADEN - German local courts reported 1,882 business insolvencies in April 2016, which was a decline of 8.9% compared with April 2015. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports this on the basis of provisional results. 

The local courts reported that, in relation to the business insolvency requests, the prospective debts owed to creditors amounted to approximately 6.9 billion euros in April 2016. In April 2015 they totalled 2.1 billion euros. Despite the decline in business insolvencies, debts increased substantially. This was due to the fact that the courts in April 2016 registered more insolvencies of economically important businesses than in April 2015.

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