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Minister Gabriel: Bundestag adopts major electricity market reform to make it fit for the energy transition

2016-06-24 08:46:44

Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel said: "This is the biggest reform of the electricity market since the liberalisation of the 1990s. This reform will make the electricity market fit for the growing shares of renewable energy. Germanys power supply will remain cheap and reliable, even as the market is driven by increasing amounts of wind and solar power. The Act puts the rules in place for competition between flexible supply, flexible demand, and storage. We are making sure that the electricity traders live up to their responsibilities: those who sell electricity must purchase an identical quantity and feed it into the grid at the same time, so that the supply will be secure at all times. Free price formation on the wholesale electricity market will ensure that investment takes place in the required capacities. The level of capacity maintained will be that demanded by the customers - no more, but also no less. The Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition gives the electricity sector a pioneering role, since it creates the possibility for new, innovative business models, e.g. by linking up renewable power generation with the consumers. The main thrust of the Act is the introduction of smart meters. They will provide a secure communication platform which will make the electricity supply system fit for the energy transition. Finally, the placing of 13% of lignite-fired capacities on "security stand-by" with subsequent decommissioning will help us to meet our climate targets in the electricity sector by 2020."

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