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Shocking photos on cigarette packets - one in four people smoke

2016-05-31 12:17:15

State & society - Health - Shocking photos on cigarette packets - one in four people smoke - Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

In Germany, too, cigarette manufacturers will have to print large graphic photos on their cigarette packets as health warning. The EU Tobacco Products Directive, which stipulates that cigarette packets must carry picture and text warnings, entered into force on 20 May 2016. In Germany in 2013, one in four people aged 15 years and over reported being smokers (25%).

A particularly high proportion of young people were smokers: the 25 to 34 year olds accounted for the largest share at 36%. As age increased, the share of smokers decreased. In the group of people aged over 64, roughly 91% were non-smokers, of whom 65% had never smoked and 26% were former smokers.

In all age groups, the proportion of female smokers was lower than that of men. The total proportion of male smokers was 29%, as compared with 20% among women. However, the proportion of male smokers had steadily declined since 1995 (36%), while that of female smokers had seen little change (1995: 22%).

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