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Most temporary workers are young males

2016-05-17 12:16:06

The grand coalition has agreed upon new regulations to better protect people working for temporary employment agencies. For instance, temporary work for an unlimited period of time will no longer be possible. In 2014, approximately 666,000 employees of the core group aged 15-64 not in education or training were in temporary employment temporary employment. They accounted for 2.1% of all core group employees.

Men (68%) were much more often in temporary employment in 2014 than women (32%). For all employees, in contrast, the ratio between the sexes was almost balanced. Temporary workers were also rather young. While the share of temporary workers under the age of 35 was 38%, the corresponding percentage of all employees was a mere 27%.

There are marked differences between the two groups also when it comes to vocational training. Many more temporary workers (23%) than employees (12%) did not have a recognised vocational qualification. 13% of those in temporary employment and 27% of all employees had completed tertiary education.

Differences between employment figures of Labour Force Survey and national accounts estimates

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