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Consumer prices in April 2016: –0.1% on April 2015

2016-05-13 12:15:40

WIESBADEN - Consumer prices in Germany fell by 0.1% in April 2016 compared with April 2015. The inflation rate - measured by the consumer price index - thus decreased, following a slight increase in the previous month. A negative rate had last been recorded in January 2015 (-0.3%). Compared with March 2016, the consumer price index fell by 0.4% in April. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) thus confirms its corrected provisional overall results of 29 April 2016. 

A downward effect on overall inflation in April 2016 was exerted mainly by the price development of mineral oil products (-16.3%, of which heating oil: −28.6%; motor fuels: −12.9%), as had been the case in the previous months. The prices of other energy products, too, were markedly down on a year earlier (for example, charges for central and district heating: −9.3%; solid fuels: -3.8%). Only electricity prices were slightly up on the same month a year earlier ( 0.8%). The prices of energy (total) were down 8.5% in the same period. Excluding energy prices, the inflation rate in April 2016 would have been 0.9%. 

The fact that Easter fell early this year (2016: in late March, 2015: in early April) also had a downward effect on prices in April 2016. Due to the calendar effect, prices were down especially for package holidays (-8.8%, including those to foreign destinations: -9.7%) in a year-on-year comparison. Also, the increase in food prices ( 0.5%) has slowed in April 2016 (March 2016: 1.3%). This applied, among other things, to vegetables ( 5.1%), fruit ( 2.4%) and fish and fish products ( 3.3%). Marked price decreases were observed for edible fats and oils (-6.9%, including butter: -14.4%). Consumers paid less than a year earlier also for dairy products (-4.0%, including sliced cheese: -9.7%; cream: -7.6%). 

The prices of goods (total) fell by 1.0% in April 2016 compared with April 2015, the main reason being the decrease in energy prices. Other price decreases were recorded for coffee, tea and cocoa (−3.3%) and articles and products for personal care (−2.1%). Prices were considerably up for some goods, for example, jewellery, clocks and watches ( 4.8%) and tobacco products ( 4.3%).

Contrary to the decrease in goods prices, the prices of services (total) were up 0.8% on April 2015. Net rents exclusive of heating expenses rose moderately by 1.0% on a year earlier. Larger price increases were observed, among other things, for services of social facilities ( 3.6%), recreational and sporting services ( 2.8%), transport association tickets ( 2.6%) and insurance services ( 2.6%). A downward effect on the price movement for services was exerted not only by the prices of package holidays (-8.8%) but also by the prices of air tickets (−2.6%) and telecommunications services (−1.6%). 

Compared with March 2016, the consumer price index fell 0.4% in April 2016. Diverging month-on-month price movements were observed. The decrease in services prices (-1.2%) was partly offset by the price increase for goods ( 0.6%). 

Also, there were marked differences within product groups. For example, prices of heating oil in April 2016 were down again on the previous month (-1.0%), whereas the prices of motor fuels were up in the same period ( 3.0%). As regards food, considerable price decreases were recorded for strawberries, raspberries and other berries (-10.6%), whereas the prices of carrots, pulses, asparagus and the like were up ( 4.7%).

Detailed data and long time series of consumer price statistics can also be found in the Genesis Online database in tables 61111-0004 and 61111-0006 (consumer price index) as well as in tables 61121-0002 and 61121-0004 (harmonised consumer price index).

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