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Mother's Day: birth rate in Germany below EU average

2016-05-06 20:17:23

Mothers Day is celebrated on 8 May. In Germany, the fertility of women has increased for the third time in a row. In 2014, women gave birth to an average 1.47 children - this was the highest figure measured so far in unified Germany. Nevertheless, Germany still ranked below the EU average of 1.58 children per woman.

The highest total fertility rate within the EU was recorded in France, where 2.01 children were born per woman. France was followed by Ireland (1.94 children per woman), Sweden (1.88) and the United Kingdom (1.81). The lowest fertility rates were observed in Portugal (1.23 children per woman), Greece (1.30) and Cyprus (1.31).

Compared with the turn of the millennium, the birth rate in the EU increased especially in the eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic ( 0.38 children per woman), Slovenia ( 0.32) and Bulgaria ( 0.27). Also, the average number of children born by mothers in Sweden was markedly up ( 0.34). The largest decreases were observed in Cyprus (-0.33 children per woman), Portugal (-0.32) and Malta (-0.28).

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